Weekend Getaways: 4 Bahamian Escapes!

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An island camp, a yoga ashram, a famous fishing retreat, or the splashy Atlantis.

Now that Frontier Airlines flies direct to Nassau from Trenton NJ, any of these can be an easy getaway.  So pick one and change your life in just 3 days!


2.5 hours on the ferry from Potters Cay, Nassau, or a quick hopper flight delivers you to this sleepy beachfront hideaway on Andros.  You can dive the famous “Blue Holes”, go fishing or paddle the turquoise waters in a kayak, but you’ll probably want to just swing in this hammock and feel the warm salty breezes float over your skin.


You’ll sleep in small stone bungalows, right on the beach, and share your meals with other escapists in the open-air dining cabana.




A 5-minute private water taxi from the Bay Marketplace in Nassau delivers you to the shores of this yoga retreat.

There, colorful beach shacks await you, as well as a full menu of yoga classes and certifications.

As one guest said:

The setting is gorgeous with white sand beach and emerald green-blue Caribbean sea.  Food is wholesome… energy in the ashram is amazing… in line with yogic living”




This one is not on Nassau, so your trip to paradise will not be quite as direct.  Still, Grand Bahamas Island is easily accessible and you could never know that a storied bone-fishing resort would sit on this small private island off the east end.

Accessed only by private ferry, once there you can enjoy a private guide for fishing the flats or surfcast right from the beach as the sun sets.  You can play tennis or import your personal masseuse from the main island.

The only thing you can’t do is use your cellphone.  But don’t worry – you’ll feel so removed from the worries of the world that you won’t want to.

One of  my clients chose this spot for a bonding trip with her adult son, and she’s not even a fisherman.  Check it out:



Can I admit it?   The Atlantis is too big for my tastes.

However, IF I had kids who could swoosh down the Cartoon Network waterside

…IF I wanted to observe spotted eagle rays and hammerhead sharks in crystal-clear natural-looking pools

…IF I wanted to swim with sting rays and feed them underwater

…or IF I were a gambler

then the Atlantis would be a fine stop!

I do have to acknowledge that my sister and I really were fascinated by the walk-through aquarium!



  • Which Bahamian Escape is right for you?
  • Want help arranging all the details:  airport and water transfers, guide,  menus, extra activities?
  • Or looking for a DIFFERENT weekend getaway?

I am here to help.  I’m Melanie Tucker, owner and chief designer at Rare Finds Travel Design. 

Select a time that’s convenient for you to talk about your Bahamian escape!

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