Water Week in Key West

Want to have a fun water week? Look no further than Key West! This remote tropical destination at the end of the Keys is a great choice for anyone who wants to live like a mermaid for a week!



Being surrounded by water gives you a beautiful view and it also gives you unlimited activities to do in that water. Swim, fish, boat and more in the beautiful tropical waters of Key West. Or challenge yourself to a water week! Choose one water activity to do each day and have a new, fun experience under your belt!

Try standup paddleboarding or cruise along the canals or indulge in standup paddleboard yoga, which is an exercise in balance, strength, and flexibility. It’ s harder than it looks but also totally fun and you don’t have to get wet if you don’t want to. Get a group of friends together and take out jet skis and explore the open water. Or participate in a jet ski tour and see the natural mangroves growing around or cruise through a canal and take in the sights.

Rent a powerboat for a day and speed around to different parts of Key West. Throw some fishing rods in the water and catch dinner or at least have a fun story to tell afterward! These boats are also cool because you can see the various depths of the island and the coral and sea life exhibiting it just by cruising around.

Want a fun day in the sun without getting overheated? Drop your chairs in some shallow water, drop in a portable, floatable table and have a fun snack or picnic! Want a fun adventure at night? Try out a kayak tour complete with headlamps. Maneuver through canals and explore hard to reach beaches and spots untouched by people for a unique outing.

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