Want to solve your shopping problem, quick and easy, with a gift that’s special, unique, and comes gift-wrapped and ready to present? 
Give an experience:  an Lighthouse Overnight!
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So, what would a Lighthouse Overnight be like?
#1:  The lighthouse is built as a 2-3 story colonial home, not a tower, so the 2 bedrooms are on the 2nd floor.  There are no tall staircases to climb, unless you want to go up to the widow’s walk at the top to examine the light.
 #2:   The lighthouse is out on a point.  So, it requires a 1/2 mile walk from your car, through the tidal woods,  to the front door.  You’ll have to carry in everything you want for the night which – don’t worry –is not much (sleeping clothes and toiletries, change of clothes for next day, and dinner – read below). 
The trail is actually a highlight of the trip.  It runs right along the river bank and you often see deer or herons.   
#3:   In the warm months, you can arrive at the lighthouse by either foot or kayak.   In the winter, though, kayaking would not be safe, so plan to arrive on foot.
#4:  Because the lighthouse is in a tidal area, the path to the lighthouse floods during high tide.  This feels very romantic once you are out at the lighthouse (surrounded 360* by water!), but it means that check in/out is at very specific times, scheduled around high tide.   Be prepared to get check-in times like “1-3pm and 7-8pm”.
#5:  At the lighthouse, you’ll be joined by one other pair of guests and a lighthouse keeper.  He’ll give you an orientation, share the history, and help with any questions you have (like how to use the antique stove).   He makes a delicious – if not gourmet –  breakfast the next morning.
However, you’ll be responsible for your own dinner.    It’s nice to coze into the lighthouse once you arrive.  You can warm some cider or open a bottle of wine and enjoy the fireplace. Then, for dinner, I recommend bringing a pre-made lasagna or casserole that’s easy to warm.  If you want to cook something more elaborate, though, there’s a full kitchen at your disposal and even a modern gas grill outside (if you don’t think it’s too cold).  Or keep things super easy and enjoy a late lunch/dinner in town before you check in.  I would just discourage going out to a late dinner –  it’s hard to do the hike in and out, after dark, in the winter.    
#6:   Although you’re right on the water (with the river literally right outside your bedroom window), the lighthouse is cozy, heated by 2 gorgeous woodstoves.  

Wintertime at the lighthouse is a perfect time to read books, play games, peruse the guest book/comments, and enjoy the historical collection and restoration video in the 2nd floor museum. 

#7:  Just so you know… 

No pets.  No smoking.  No hairdryers.

The rate for this Lighthouse Overnight is $399 for 2 people. 
*fully planned overnight with confirmed reservations including breakfast
*driving directions from home of recipient
*local dining and tourist info to enjoy enroute (like the famous Pedestrian Cross-Hudson bridge downriver or NY’s wine country)
*a souvenir coffee mug from the lighthouse 

Your LIghthouse Overnight gift arrives complete, in decorative packaging, ready to present!

Payment by personal check or any major credit card.

Call (609) 923-0304 or email Tough Love Travel here
Order by December 15th for Christmas delivery.

If you’d like to give a Lighthouse Overnight to someone on the West coast, I can do that!  I have 2 options near you, too!   Just call or email for info.
The gift of a Lighthouse Experience is special, unique.  With all the quirkiness of sleeping in a remote lighthouse, your Holiday 2013 experience with leave you with some great stories, and maybe even some bragging rights!