Want to make this summer’s trip unforgettable?  Create a blanket of your trip!

Purchase those sew-on badges as you travel —
places you visit like aquariums or trains

towns you stay at

funny events or festivals that you participate in (here was our Groundhog Day badge)
(NOTE:  Yes, people actually DO participate in Groundhog Day.  It’s not just a story for the movies!  There really is a prognosticator, you can actually meet Phil the Groundhog – or his scions — and in fact, though it may seem disrespectful, you can even eat groundhog sausage at the pancake breakfast!)

badges with all kinds of fun shapes

You’ll find badges at likely places such as Disney, but also at unlikely places like the Raptor Rehab Center or the National Park or even at some airports!   Keep your eyes open for badges everywhere you go!

 Collect them all as you travel, and when you return home, purchase one of those inexpensive fleece blankets in your favorite color. You won’t want to wash these badges frequently, so select a color of blanket that will not need constant cleaning.
I’ve appliqued the patches around the edge, but you can put them on however you like.  In fact, you can add to the blanket, year after year, to commemorate a series of trips.

The finished blanket is a great “throw” for chairs and couches, perfect for your porch or boat, convenient for car and camping trips, but also makes a very special bedspread.  It is wonderful to send this blanket off with your child as they move into their first apartment!    Enjoy and Travel On!

Look for TRAVEL TRIBUTE #2, coming soon to the TLT blog!

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