TRAVEL 2011: Let me inspire you!

“Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights;
it is a change, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.”

Zipping upside down
and spelunking down below
Momma Monarchs
Daddy cats, Creatures from the Savannah
to the Sea
Monuments from Nepal
to Turkey
to Greece
to Guatemala
and up in Ghana, too
Dragons and people, both in the trees
Dogs on snow and under sail
Sunsets on islands in the Med and the Tropics
in the town
and in the bush
and even in a kayak under a Blue Moon.
All kinds of World Cup revelry
including some vuvuzela fun!
Stunning stadiums
and perfect pitches
Raucous fans
and festive parks!
Mountains in Vermont
and seascapes from the Atlantic to the Indian Oceans
Over-the-sea bungalows and off-the-moor castles
Subs for snow picnics
and shore specialties in the shell
Dragonfruit, Schnitzel
Mopani worms and Mozambican prawns
Where are you inspired to go?

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