The Travel Club FAQs !

FAQs for the Rare Finds Travel Club
Ready to jump in? Enter your credit card details in our Club invoice and you’ll immediately get an invite with password to our Escape the Ordinary site. There you’ll find a welcome video that gives you a tour of the site so you can learn how it’s laid out and find things easily – and there’s also a quiz: What Kind of Traveler Are You? Then you’ll find the Escapes all on one page, organized by the month that they were introduced, and also on a map so if you’re going to be in San Fran on a work trip, you can quickly in one glance find Escapes right in that area for you to enjoy on the weekend.
The Rare Finds Travel Club helps you turn your next weekend into a vacation! Each week you’ll get inspired by a new Escape – a new 3 day/2 night getaway. The Escape itineraries are super detailed with 3 (and sometimes 4) days packed with transportation, lodging, food and fun. All the contact info and links are right there in the Escape, so you just click and book, pack and go play! The monthly subscription’s $10/month and auto-charged to your credit card once a month so once you sign up, it’s full steam ahead – VACATION TIME!

Life changes, and we understand. We work hard to inspire your travel dreams, so we hope you’re going to find the Club irresistible. But if you ever need to stop your subscription, just send a quick email to and we’ll close out your account within 72 hours.

No problem. Just send us an email at and we’ll update it for you.

The Club features a different Escape each week – some on the East Coast, some on the West, and some in between. There’re even a few offshore. That’s 52 a year to choose from! So the next time you’re looking for a special getaway for a friend’s big birthday, or a celebration trip for your new grad, or just a place to unwind and unplug on a long holiday weekend – you’ll have many inspired ideas, right at your fingertips.

You get nature breaks like to Yellowstone’s “Serengeti of the West” during elk mating season.
And beach Escapes like to a private island in Belize or the NY surf town of Montauk.
You’ll find specialty properties like lighthouses, and wellness weekends like at the Tassajara Zen Retreat. And LOTS of food-stuffed Escapes.
And because Rare Finds loves roadtrips, we’ve included some of those too. Ever heard of the Juke Joint Route in Louisiana? With the Club you will!

Our team at Rare Finds is good at digging up cool ideas. We think each one offers something unique – not the typical hotel overnight – and they’re often not places or activities that you might think of on your own. Before we share the escape with you, we go and try each one of them out so we can give you the skinny before you go.

That is awesome-sauce!
Just email us here,, and we’ll check it out.

Each Escape PDF has all the contact information for the inns and the guides, so just click the email link or call the telephone number to make your reservations.

A place I can share my Istagram-worthy photos from my Escape (and check out other people’s Escape shots too)?
YES! Here’s the link and #RareFindsTravelClub!

The Club features helpful travel tools.

  • Want to know what drone I use?
  • Need an inexpensive videographer to create a sizzle reel from your last trip?
  • Looking for a language app to pick up some Spanish before your trip to Cuba?
  • Need a new carry-on and want our suggestions?
  • Looking for tools to handle jetlag,

We connect travelers so you can help each other out, like Mike who shared his experience in Puerto Rico with Kris. These candid conversations help you be “in the know before you go”.
And the Club has a big communal online scrapbook where you can share photos of your adventures.

We’ve made the Club website pretty simple so I think you’ll do just fine. But to get you off on the right foot, we’ve filmed a little “website tour” to show you around the site and make sure you know where to find all the goodies.
After that, you’ve still got questions? Or you lose your password? Can’t get logged in?
We’ve got you covered! The Rare Finds Travel Club has a dedicated Tech Concierge at your service. Her name is Lisa and you can send all your geek questions to her at