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We make it easy to 


Imagine that you wanted to get out of town this weekend and someone else did all the work to pull that off. 

That’s US!  The Rare Finds Escape Club!

For less than the price of lunch!

You get Escapes on the East Coast, and the West Coast… some in between, and some just offshore.

You get Escapes for budget weekends like to Montauk, and luxury weekends at the Heceta Head Lighthouse on the Oregon coast.

You get Escapes for animal lovers.

And a LOT of Escapes for foodies (because if it doesn’t walk off my plate, I eat it!)

You get mini-roadtrips, history dives, music fests!

You’ll have all sorts of Escapes to choose from
– a new one each week.

In the Escape Club, you get full-fledged detailed itineraries.

Everything you need to know to pull it off!

So How Does It Work ?



Choose Your Escape

Choose From Our Candystore Of Escapes

Each week a new 3-day Escape itinerary is posted in our Members-Only website.

The Escapes are all unique getaways that you will NOT find in any typical guidebook.

They are RARE experiences! At Rare Finds, we don’t waste our precious travel time on mainstream boring stuff. So get ready for some real adventure! Last year our Club members booked an ashram in the Bahamas, dogsledding in Vermont, a culinary extravaganza at the Sugar Shacks of Montreal, and glamping out in Moab with excursions into Arches National Park – just to name a few.

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Book Your Escape


(Or Hire Our Concierge)

Book Your Escape (Or Hire Our Concierge)

Escape itineraries include all the details you need to book your own trip, from where to sleep, what to do, who to hire for that activity and even what to wear or take. We share our favorite food experiences along the way and include all sorts of other extras like driving routes and sunset spots.
You get to save all that research time because you’ve got every detail mapped out for you.

Hate to book your own travel?

No problem. Our concierge at Rare Finds can do the booking for you (booking fees apply)

Get Started On Your Great Adventure!




Simple, right?

Before you go, post on our facebook group where fellow Explorers can share their experience AND your excitement.

While you’re away, brag a little! Post photos to our #RareFindsTravel Instragram feed so we can cheer you on. When you come back, check out our ideas for savoring trip memories. We make fleece blankets with those national park badges, create family travel cookbooks for holiday presents, and record virtual journals.

With the Escape Club, you’ll always have your next travel plan in your back pocket, ready to go!

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