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Would you like to laze in bed and hear the Bush wake up around you, rather than you wake up the Bush?

Would you like for the animals to come to you, rather than go on a wild jeep chase in search of them?
Would you like to feel immersed in the safari? 
Then consider the newest concept in safari experience:  The Slow Safari

No Schedule on Slow Safari

At a typical safari park, the morning game drive starts at the crack of dawn.  Don’t get me wrong…. I love having coffee service to my tent at 6am, but it’s not exactly relaxing. 
On slow safari, you can sleep in, waking at your leisure and – from your pillow! —  listen to the hippos bellow from the river or the zebra graze the grasses just outside your canvas. 
If you want to get up early for a day trip to Ngorogoro Crater, that’s fine too. 
But it is your choice. 
You absorb, not attack, the Bush on Slow Safari
On slow safari, you can float in the pool as the dikdiks ramble past, only 100 yards away.
On slow safari, you can lounge over lunch, from your perch in the Eagle’s Aerie, the private dining space atop the main lodge.  From here, you can see a warthog nurse her 5 piglets, and the giraffes sitting for a spell, on the far savannah.
Every Last Detail is important on Slow Safari
Sundowners (or sunset drinks and snacks) are standard at many safari parks, but how often do you arrive at the lakeshore at sunset, with a private table set up just for you?  A uniformed waiter appears from behind the jeep with your favorite drink, and you wonder:  “How did they know I preferred Captain Morgan’s and how did it get out here?”
As the sun creeps below the far ridge, the flock of flamingoes on the far shore fades from view, but the guide lights torches and a small campfire to warm you. 
Other details on slow safari?  
Each tent is nestled in a private setting so you can photograph the zebras at their watering hole as you enjoy your breakfast in your bathrobe, on your personal deck, with 360* coverage. 
And for you food aficionados out there, the cuisine is flawless!  A cooling gazpacho is accented by the tiniest crunch of vegetable afloat…  the table is decorated with bright linens and weighty hand-carved forks… the freshest fruit and delectable petite biscotti is offered…  
I never sat down, in the lounge or by the fire pit lounge, without one of the staff arriving within minutes to offer me a beverage. 
Dinner – flexible times, and venues – on Slow Safari
Most safari parks serve dinner at 7:30.  I find it so frustrating to arrive from the afternoon’s bush walk to a welcoming bonfire, and to be just soaking in the warmth (of the flames and the scene) when they push me off to a dinner table. 
At slow safari, you just stay there,  until YOU are ready for dinner. 
Then, they’ll lead you to your own mysterious dinner venue.  The first night, we meandered down a foot trail into the woods where a small table was set with candles and ice bucket, cloistered under the umbrella of a large tree in whose trunk tiny tea lights had been set. 
Another couple was escorted to the open air library, replete with leather couches and a spotlight on the bush just below them. 
Each party receives their own personal venue and service.  This is a trademark of slow safari. 
Personal Service on Slow Safari
You’ll never ask for a towel at the pool, or a drink on the porch.   It simply appears.
Your personal ascari (or watchman) stands at the end of your boardwalk throughout the night, in case you need anything!
There are only 12 tents so your hostess greets you personally and attends to your every preference. 

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