A heaping plate of buffalo momos –pan-fried dumplings– for less than à buck, is a good way to get over jetlag!

And then, just settle into this tiny country’s capital city.  Katmandu might be described by 3 adjectives… 

First one?  Chaotic!  Twisting alleyways, suicidal traffic, and scheduled power outages constantly keep you on your toes.

That being said, the second adjective is Peaceful.  Sounds surprising, yet there are beautiful rooftop terraces for reading and relaxing 

Everyone is very friendly, and I have yet to feel unsafe or threatened in any way (which feels really good!) 

And, finally, the third adjective is Entrancing!
 The smell of incense and spices as you walk the streets, the religious icons that seem to be everywhere you turn, even the way people go about their daily business is all very new and interesting.
There’s a certain energy in the air that is hard to describe, but definitely special to behold. 

Here are a couple of highlights: 

The Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Square monuments (a World Heritage Sight since 1979) is a complex of palaces and temples that used to be the seat of the ancient Malia Kings of Katmandu back around 1500AD.    It is here that the king of Nepal is crowned and his coronation is solemnized.

Monk communities blend right into the city landscape.

Like the monks….monkeys, goats, and the sacred Cow are all fully integrated into the city.

Thanks to Will Borchert (below) for contributing to this series of Pulse of Nepal