Welcome to a series of blogs chronicling my recent adventure to East Africa:  Kenya & Tanzania.  To get more info, feel free to email or schedule a call!

Spring turns out to be a special time to visit East Africa.   Crowds are low as the rainy season approaches, but the real treat are the babies.  Seems everyone on the savannah is becoming a Mom.

 A couple of lionesses relaxed at a “playgroup” of their 2 litters.

They seemed surprisingly unperturbed that we were this close to their cubs, which allowed us to enjoy the play!

Check it out:

Down in the swamps of Tarangire National Park, in Tanzania, the elephants are birthing. 

And back in Nairobi, one-year-old babies NEED a Mom.  They get bottle-fed as they wait to be adopted at the Elephant Orphanage:

Well, not everyone has given birth.   Some are still waiting… and waiting.   Check out that zebra belly!

And this guy on the termite mound?  He just wants to have sex (that’s why he’s turned bright red and blue).  So he’s even further ahead in the birthing cycle!

All these babies made me think of my years as a young Mom, as I wandered the Mara and Serengeti of East Africa! 

Just back from East Africa, I am bursting with inspiration!  
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