A few years ago, I headed down to Belize with my 2 teenage sons for island watersports camp on Glover’s Atoll.

The big appeal?   The nonstop buffet of activities from windsurfing,  to surf kayaking at sunset, to snorkeling, to time in the hammock palapa was irresistible to us!

One activity that we particularly loved was the sea kayaking.  Paddling through unimaginably turquoise water, we’d pause as sharks swerved just inches beneath our craft.   
We dropped little mushroom anchors on the sea floor so we could get out and snorkel.  
It felt like swimming around an aquarium!
Life on the atoll was incredible too.   Located about 2 hours offshore from Dangriga,  our watersports island offered a rustic but comfortable camp life…

We slept in simple beds in cabanas right on the beach, with the sea breeze wafting through the open windows.    We flew our bathing suits on the railings to dry in the tropical sun and we enjoyed our private small porch overlooking the sea for quiet afternoon interludes with a book.  
 I spent that Spring Break reading Ode to the One Eyed Lady, a novel by Anderson about Belize’s Hurricane of ’92. 

 As scuba divers,  we knew that “The Wall” was a bucket-list item and we were excited to have it located right here, at Glovers Atoll …. well, at least my sons were excited.  This underwater sheer cliff lets a diver float ever deeper, studying the colorful marine plants and meeting the frequent sharks, while below, the diver sees nothing by a pure sapphire abyss.

My boys eagerly strayed away from the guide, exhilarated by the sheer drop of rock on one side, the great unknown of open sea behind and below them.

But me?  I was much less intrepid, hovering so close to our guide that our flippers kept knocking.  I maneuvered myself over and over, to stay between the “Wall” and  my guide.

Fortunately, the marine life was even more powerful than my fears.  
A giant eagle ray flapped by.   20′ above us, silhouetted against the surface, a hawksbill turtle paddled about.   Up and down the coral wall,  small crabs and spiny lobsters tucked into the coral.

Many parts of the experience took me right back to summer camp as a child…  
We ate family style meals in an open-air cabana with our feet in the sand.  
We took sun showers that were still cool despite the hot tropical sun which warmed the tanks.  
We spent hours, just hanging out on the wharf or beach, contemplating the wide open nature before us.

It was a gift of freedom!

This sensation visited me over and over throughout the week, and returns now, as I look at the photos, and remember this almost sacred place in my vacation log.

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