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Many people want some beach after their Bush adventure. 
You, too?
If so, I want to share my best secret from a beach in East Africa:

The Manta Resort

Where is it?
This beach in East Africa is on Pemba Island, in Zanzibar, on the Tanzanian coast

What’s on the beach in East Africa?
It’s an intimate seaside resort of oceanfront huts with private balconies for sunset (left) and garden rooms tucked back in the foliage (right). And then….

there is one UNDERWATER room!

Sleep underwater? How does that work? 

This beach in East Africa has a private floating island with your bedroom four meters below the surface. It is yours to enjoy while sunbathing and stargazing on the top deck, lounging and dining on the water deck and sleeping surrounded by a tropical marine environment.

Spotlighting the water around you at night from your underwater room will be absolutely breathtaking.

Feeling claustrophobic
Me too! When I watched the video, I couldn’t imagine sleeping underwater, alone, surrounded by all that dark ocean. Illuminating the grand creatures only seemed to make me feel more nervous.

BUT THEN I heard that you could have the bed moved to the rooftop and sleep under the stars, only meters off the beach of East Africa, yet surrounded by sea. ….now we’re talkin’…

Watch for yourself…

More photos of this beach in East Africa?
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It’s the Manta Resort. As they say:

You’ve just stumbled upon one of those rare gems that few people ever get to see. It’s the Manta Resort of Pemba Island. Not necessarily for all.

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