Ferry hop the Indonesian archipelago! Whether you’re exploring the jungles of central Bali, haggling with rupiah for trinkets in the markets of Jakarta,

or riding the outstanding surf on the coasts of Kuta,

there is an adventure waiting around every corner! See Indonesia’s intriguing history first hand and compare the hindu water temple,Tirta Ganga, to the buddhist Borobudor Temple.

If you’re an animal lover, don’t miss the journey to Bukit Lawang– in a remote village in the forested northern tip of Sumatra, you can trek amongst the wild orangutans in their natural environment—connect fingertip-to-fingertip,

and remember that rough warmth and those huge eyes forever!

Music’s everywhere – whether you dance to a “gamelon” show or grab a guitar on the sidewalk scene.

Top it all off with a horseback ride up Mount Bromo to watch the sun rise over the Javan valley!

Bring your sunscreen, your water bottle, and a mind and heart open for unexpected adventures… Good morning, Indonesia! Or, as they say in Indonesia… “Selemat Pagi, Indonesia!”

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  1. The orangutan is endangered and could be extinct within the next 20 years! Deforestation and clear cutting of Indonesian rain forests for palm oil plantations is destroying their habitat.

    visit greenpeace.org for more information

  2. I always feel that the best way to motivate people to protect our world is to get them firsthand experience… smell the ocean, walk the forest path, sleep in the Quechuan village, look into the eyes of the orangutan! Once people have that experience, they feel connected, and then have a personal stake in the preservation. That makes the best advocate!

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