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Melanie Tucker is a global travel expert who has helped 1000’s of families – often 3 generations together – mark a moment in time through travel.  These are not just any trips, but journeys that stray far off the beaten path to include unique lodging, personally-curated experiences with locals, and assure unforgettable memories.

For 25 years Melanie has traveled the globe, curating her “rare finds” – sharing a mint tea with a Bedouin family in their nomad tent in the Moroccan desert or joining a Cesarine dinner party in Italy. Melanie blends her insights into family travel that began with her own 4 sons, with her boundless cultural curiosity, to give families one-of-a-kind adventures whose imprint will last a lifetime. Melanie have been featured in the Huffington Post, US News & World Report, and USA Today on articles from National Parks to Unplugging.   She holds travel classes and talks throughout the NY area. Rare Finds Travel exhibits at major travel shows, reaching 50k travelers each year on both coasts. And in 2014, trips designed under her former brand, Tough Love Travel, were featured on CBS’ The Price Is Right! Looking to interview Melanie? Please send your request and relevant details to

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Escaping the Ordinary: Entrepreneur Helps Clients Find Themselves in Distant Lands

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Reporter Jenn Metler, in this article about Utah’s national parks, shares Rare Finds strategies to escape the crowds in Zion.

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