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It would have been the perfect beach day, if only it hadn’t been so crowded….
This marine iguana crawled from the waves, wiggled across the crystal-clear tide pool, and clammered up onto the lava rocks to join his friends.
Another marine iguana plopped down on the baby-powder sand, not 6′ from us.  His bulging belly spread out over his toes.  This is how iguanas digest their lunch, our guide explains — they let it cook, inside their stomachs, in the heat of the sun!
Splash!   Another blue-footed boobie dove for a fish.  Between the fishing boobies and the skimming pelicans, you had to watch your head!
Schools of tropical fish spilled over the lava as the tide came in and filled up the small pool by the mangrove, much to the delight of a giant heron who high-stepped in a dignified manner, towards the pool, to inquire about dinner!
We watched this show from the shade of the mangroves where we tried to picnic on spicy chicken empanadas, but the cactus finches from the beachside grassland insisted on their share!
Where can you find this marine paradise?  
In Ecuador, in the Galapagos, on the island of Santa Cruz, on the western edge of the town of Puerto Ayora, down this 30-minute boardwalk and along a 1/2 mile strand of sand, to the crystal tide pool.

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