Next In Our Imagine Series: British Virgin Islands



your guide cuts the skiff’s motor as you slip onto the sand of this deserted island.


You’ve landed on a crescent of pearly beach in the British Virgin Islands.   It is fringed with palms, lapped by aquarium-clear water, and breathtakingly perfect.   


And it is just yours, for the entire day.


Provisioned with a picnic basket full of champagne and salmon, your snorkel and fins, and some comfy towels, you wave goodbye as the boat putters off, and then you are alone…


…Deliciously alone, a no-one-can-find-me-here alone!   You turn to survey your private playground and wonder,

“When have I ever been at such leisure, untouchable by the world and all its distractions, to savor a day and a place, just for myself?”

You string up your hammock and sway.


At your BVI resort, beach drops like this are just one of the indulgences awaiting you.  Over the week, you will take salt-sprayed sails on their sloop, dance to reggae drummers beneath the stars, and stroll to the neighboring cove to visit the Baths, quiet pools created by giant boulders where you can soak in the sun and explore sea caves.  Back at your casita, you will bathe al fresco in showers secluded in the seagrapes.  And at day’s end, you will feast on the distant isle of Anegada, licking lobster butter off your fingertips, wriggling your toes into the sand, watching the sunset.


That was a trip of a lifetime”, you say.  “Let’s do it again next year!”




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