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Wonder what’s comin’ out of the ovens at Fleet River Bakery?
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OR travel to London and sleep in one of their rooms above the bakery.  Then, the aroma of sweet rolls and brewing coffee waft up to your bed from the kitchen below!  
Yes!  You can actually STAY OVERNIGHT in a room above the Fleet River Bakery, one of London’s coolest gathering spots, just off of Lincoln Inn fields (the city’s largest public square, see location below)
Fleet River Bakery has baristas specially trained to turned single estate beans into delectable lattes… chefs who whip up everything from frittatas to biscuits… and owners who host Cheese and Wine nights and who hand-select craft beers

And look what you get in their lodging rooms, above the bakery — fluffy duvet-laden beds on polished wooden floors with nicely maintained baths –IN LONDON! for 84£ a night (about 130 bucks).
Where is Fleet River Bakery?  It’s a 15 minute WALK away from the River Thames

Look for Fleet River Bakery on this corner:

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Thank you, Nancy from PA, for introducing me to Fleet River Bakery!