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“Either the wallpaper goes… or I do!”

You may know Oscar Wilde by his clever quotes, but did you know he spent time in prison?  
Afterwards, he moved into Room 16 at what was to become one of the most discreet but lavish Paris cafes:   L’Hotel.   Squeezed between the Latin Quarter and St Germain, L’Hotel started as the rather rundown Hotel D’Alsace where Wilde famously “lived above his means”. 

“All of us are in the gutter, but some of us are looking up at the stars”

L’Alsace was eventually renovated into this prestigious Paris cafe which virtually hides down a plain street (albeit with a fancy name), Beaux-Arts,  behind this simple facade

marked only by a small plaque: 

“True friends stab you in the front”

Wilde lived, and eventually died, in Room 16,  on the 2nd floor up a stunning spiral staircase.

But downstairs, friends — from Salvatore Dali to Frank Sinatra — gathered in velvet chairs in the parlor of this Paris cafe,

and the clientele became so famous that cocktails today are named after them: the Born to be Wild, the Lillet Rouge Royal, and Tommy’s Margarita
Rock stars, like Mick Jagger, also frequented L’Hotel as the years marched on, and, today, this Paris cafe celebrates that rock-n-roll past by showcasing new talent, Mondays at 8:30pm. 

“Always forgive your enemies — nothing annoys them so much”

Where is this Paris cafe? 13 Rue des Beaux-Arts,  +33 1 44  41 99 00
When to go to this Paris cafe?  On your walk between Rue Huchette and St Germain, for some refreshment before the Delacroix museum
Most surprising about this Paris cafe?   There’s a private hammam pool, sequestered in the basement.

Want to get a flavor for life in this Paris cafe?  Check out this video!
“A work of art is the result of a unique temperament”