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My loyal readers KNOW I’m a truffle fan!    I’ve interviewed Emma, the truffle-hunting K9 (here’s her take on the truffle life of Umbria)  and made your mouth water with truffle-stuffed ravioli recipes!
But that’s all in Italy!

Now, thanks to Janet, I have a great contact in France, too!    Auberge de la Truffe in Sorges!

At the Auberge, they like to boast that they offer the culinary traveler a unique recipe:

a generous welcome, warm comfort, and an authentic table!  
Sounds perfect to me! 

They are associated with the Hotel de la Mairie where you can overnight for around 110€ in a charming room.

Try the Truffle Terrine

During your stay, the cooking class is a MUST!  While visiting the land of foie gras and truffle, how better to learn the culture than to take a cooking class with a chef who has been in the area for 30 years!   The typical cooking class last the whole weekend, includes 6 meals (full of truffle recipes!) and 2 nights’ stay at the on-site lodge, plus a farm tour!

Since you’ve made it all the way down from Paris to the quaint town of Sorges (6 hour drive), don’t miss the truffle museum either!

Going on an actual truffle HUNT while you’re in Perigord is a perfect compliment to your stay at Auberge de la Truffe but one important note:   Unlike in Italy’s Umbria where different truffles come into season throughout the year and you can truffle hunt in all seasons (except when snowy), in this area of France, truffle season only lasts from mid-December til mid-February. 

 Here’s the truffle-hunting labrador and his master, who’ll guide you through the “hunt” in this field that looks barren despite its hidden treasures!

Want to read more?  Here’s a firsthand account of a stunning truffle lunch at Auberge de la Truffe!

Want a laugh at some truffle trivia?

  • The number of days that a freshly-picked truffle remains fresh? Answer: 10 days.
  • How to keep truffles fresh for longer than that? Answer: Slice into thin strips, drizzle with olive oil, cover with plastic and freeze.
  • Why Italians pick their prized Alba white truffles at night? Answer: So that their neighbor’s can’t see them.
  • Foods that truffles pair best with? Answer: Neutral ones, like potatoes, rice, pasta, salad and bread.
  • Why female pigs make great truffle hunters? Answer: Truffles smell like the sex pheromone of boar saliva, a scent they find irresistible.
  • Why dogs make better truffle hunters? Answer: They don’t try to eat the truffles (unlike pigs) and are easier to work with than sex-crazed sows                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Have truffle vacation questions?                                                    I’m a phone call away and here to help with truffle travel! 

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Thank you, Janet, for introducing me to Auberge de la Truffe!