Jackson Hole veterans will tell you that their spot is as famous for its pricetag as it is for its snowy cliff drops.

But not this year!

I just got airplane tickets for a client for $210, and that’s roundtrip from Newark! (no, not with 4 connections, and not through Miami,, either!))

And once there? They’re set up at in a log cabin with a fireplace

…historic(some are the original log homesteads from the 1800’s) yet modern (outdoor hot tubs),

…remote (right on the banks of Flat Creek) yet convenient (3 blocks from the Square)

…and it comes all in a package including a notable hot breakfast, complimentary airport shuttle (uncommon in JH), and even complimentary mountain shuttle!

All this, for 8 nights, and 6 days of lift tickets on the mountain, for under $900 per person!

If you don’t believe me, give me a call! 609 923 0304!

But, beyond the incredible deals of 2010, JH is special for other reasons. It’s authentic cowboy flair starts at the saloons lining Cache street, but continues with a relaxed rural attitude, its music, its endless wild vistas, and its “western themed” excursions! Here’s one of my favorites:


Meet Frank Teasely…

He has a posse of mushing dogs, and together with his crew at Jackson Hole Iditarod Sled Dog Tours will set you up on double sleds, so you can take turns riding (and even driving!) on this 8-½ hour dogsled journey into the wilds!

The destination is Granite Hot Springs, where you can strip off those snow clothes and soak in the natural springs, out in the crisp mountain air!

They include a lunch (trout or steak), and make it convenient, picking you up right from your lodge.

It’s $295 per person (plus a gratuity) for this full day trip with the dogs. They do have shorter trips if you want to save some dough, but only the daylong goes all the way out to the Springs!

What a way to rejuvenate on your day off the slopes!