Most surfside horseback rides are a blended experience of lapping waters, breezy mounts, and orange-y sunsets.   Rarely, though, do rides require bathing suits!

But not in the Cayman Islands!  Here, it’s a REAL beach swim!  Check it out:

Even the kids can do it!
How does horseback riding in the surf work?
The ride starts on the beach with an hour-long walk (or canter, if you’re ready) on the sand, under the swaying trees.                                   Once you and your mount are all warmed up, they take off your saddle and let you jump aboard for the 15-minute swim.
What does horseback riding in the surf cost?
It’s $125-145pp, depending on whether you want a private ride. 
Are there other unique horseback riding experiences other than the Swim?
In fact, the Rivers, who own this stable, are lifelong Caymanians and imaginative entrepreneurs who offer everything from horseback weddings to their enticing Moonlight ride during the full moon!
Where should you go for horseback riding in the surf in the Caymans?
I’d recommend Spirit of the West…. here’s their site.
What else can you do on a Cayman vacation? 
Your island adventure can be a sunset cocktail on the sand, but don’t you want MORE than that?   
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