The Mediterranean is home to an epic love affair: Odysseus and Penelope. You, too, can celebrate your love with a Mediterranean ‘moon.

In Greece, wander white-washed villages on desertscaped islands, scattered amid broad blue seas .

Swim in sparkling rocky bays out to sun-warmed rocks, and watch mariners mend their nets on colorful fishing dories, bobbing “on the hook”. Sunset on seawalls, at dinner tables laden with lobster and retsina.

Climb mountainsides on belled donkeys, and join village processions on an island wedding day… here in the Greek Isles.

In Italy, tour the fabled Amalfi coast in your vintage roadster.

Soak in infinity pools overlooking the wide, blue sea.

Meet tailors and antique dealers, potters and painters, and spend lazy afternoons at a local trattoria feast.

Explore the Amalfi trail of old trading days and check out the erotic pictographs in Pompeii. … all here on the Italian Mediterranean.

In Egypt, visit the “pearl” of the Mediterranean, Alexandria.

Home of another famous love pair, Cleopatra and her Anthony, you’ll see their temple, then underwater archeological surprises, mosques, tombs, the bibliotheque, a bustling harbor, a town of colonial architecture, and a Wonder of the Ancient World.

You can venture through the Nile delta, daytrip to Giza’s Great Pyramid of Cheops or Cairo’s Egyptian Museum, and even train further south for the treasures of Luxor and Aswan.

Check in next week for more honeymoon dreaming on Egypt’s famed Nile, romancing on a 19th century dahaybieh.