Family Reunion spots around the world!

Host your next family reunion at a villa in France

Where in the world right you host your next family reunion? 

A casa in Cuba?   A country house in Normandy?  A private island in Nicaragua or a Puerto Vallarta villa? 

….just imagine… 

A Casa in Cuba

Here’s the nest I have chosen for my family for this coming Christmas!  It’s perched on an Art Deco building in La Habana Vieja with balconies off all bedrooms.   It’s got a rooftop where we can mix our own mojitos for cocktail hour, and even a kitchen (if we can find groceries to buy – but that’s another story).

The hosts make breakfast each morning, and otherwise, we are on our own to explore the magic of the old city.

Country House in Normandy

The matriarch of one of my favorite client families is renting a country house in Normandy in June to host 3 generations of her family, ages 1-80.

It’s not a fancy villa but rather a comfortable grand old home with sprawling lawns and a carriage house with extra beds.

We have even located a private chef who will provision the villa before their arrival and prepare daily meals.  Now THAT’S a vacation.

And the area is rife with activities, from a WW II tour of Normandy beaches to the storied tapestry of Bayeux, from the UNESCO offshore island fort to a very special day of walking the bay to Mont St Michel – just like this:

Walk the bay at Mt St Michel and you'll arrive like no one else!

A private island in Belize

private island

Imagine.  It’s only you and your family – left on a little sand-fringed rock, out by the reef, in the Caribbean Sea.  There are 5 cabinas, a row of colorful plastic sit-upon kayaks under the sea grapes, and a hammock, lazily wafting in the sea breeze, just waiting for you and a book to crawl in.  ON!  And there’s a fire pit, and a caretaker of course. – because who else is going to grill those lobsters  for you for dinner!

The above photo is of Bird Island in Belize but there’s also an exotic, somewhat bigger private island in Nicaragua by Roatan.  Reached by private water launch, an hour out from the mainland, you’ll feel removed from the craziness of home and work, and the island will serve as your enclave to make precious memories with your family.

Just think of sitting on the little fringe of sand as the sun sets and the sky becomes a powered sugar canvas with millions of stars.

Who could forget that?

A villa in Normandy, or Puerto Vallarta

Villas come in all sizes and price ranges, and remember – often you can make it bigger by asking to use their carriage house, or make it smaller by closing off some floors or wings.

Great villa locations for families include Burgundy (see top photo), Mexico’s Mayan Riviera and also on the western Puerto Vallarta area,  and Cinque Terre.  Read how to pick the perfect one here….

An old fort of Bequia

Just offshore from Barbados is a small rarely-visited island called Bequia where you can sail and snorkel, hike and hang with locals, and stay in an old refurbished fort, complete with lookout towers and cannon holders.

What kid, big or little, is not going to love that?

Family reunions on Monhegan Island offer a special magic

Want your next reunion to have that special magic?

Tired of “herding cats” to organize the reunion and want someone else to take over? 

Rare Finds Travel Design is here to help!

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