Family & Group Trips

Families! You are our sweet spot at Rare Finds Travel!

From our founder, Melanie:

I raised my 4 sons, partly in our home in Princeton NJ, and partly in our Ford van as we road-tripped back and forth across the United States. Together, we covered all 50 states and almost 50 national parks, and along the way, created an argot, or language, that was purely our own. As my sons have grown into their adult lives (and added wives… and soon a grandbaby), our sprawling family has continued to use travel to reconnect, exploring more remote locations from Belizian treehouses to Scottish castles to Old Town Havana.

When you travel with your family, do you like to learn? Play? Celebrate?

What about face challenges?

Travel has a way of dishing up surprises, both fun and challenging.
And by solving those challenges together, you create stories, and bonds.

THAT is the stuff that family that family lore is made of.

THAT is the secret sauce!

THAT is what we’re after!

Trust me - your family vacation does NOT have to feel like this!
…it can look like this!

At Rare Finds Travel, not only do we have a whole candystore of options to keep everyone happy, but we’ve honed strategies to make large family groups work.

We love country homes with staff so the 2-year-old granddaughter can eat an early dinner…
We create plans combining drivers and guides so that energetic family members and the 82-year-old Patriach with mobility issues can all share the same experiences – and the same family stories!

One year, we’ve helped a 3-family group where one wife was still recovering from an automobile accident, and ALL 9 of them went waterfall rappelling together. Yes, even her!

If you’re going to make the big effort to pull everyone together, and to underwrite the gathering, you’ll want it to a success!

Let us lend our 20+ years of experience to craft an event that your family will never ever forget!

Just imagine your family here...