Julia’s dream: 

I want to rappel waterfalls,  and swim in fresh springs. 
I want to hike across islands, and stay in a treehouse! 
Sleep in a hammock bed?…. nooow, we’re talkin’! 

Julia, let me design your birthday trip to Dominica! 

Where is Dominica?
Dominica is one of the Lesser Antilles islands in the Caribbean, about halfway between the french islands of Guadaloupe (to the north) and  Martinique (to the south).

How do you get to Dominica?
It’s not so easy to get to Dominica, but that’s part of its charm (and the reason it is so uncrowded!)
Most people fly into St Maarten where they connect to BVI Airways for a quick hop over to Dominica.  
So what’s so difficult?
The BVI flight only takes off a couple days each week.

How’s Dominica different? 
Dominica’s got the only cross-island hiking trail in the entire Caribbean:  the Waitukubuli. Dominica’s hiking can be  guided and safe and comfortable, yet fresh and untrampled. 

Dominica has a famous snorkeling spot called Champagne Springs, where a still-active volcano continues to release gas bubbles into the sea… and Champagne Springs is an easy excursion, right off shore.

Dominica’s got one of only 2 boiling lakes on the entire globe.  (Know where the other one is?   Email here if you give up…)

Dominica offers a wild natural landscape.  Just look at it:

What’re the 3 coolest things to do on Dominica? 
#1:   Go canyoneering down a waterfall!

#2:  Sleep in the Cocoa Cottage treehouse!

#3:  Find the Emerald Pool!  Dominica is sprinkled with waterfalls and hidden pools, some easy to access and others nestled deeply in the jungle.   How would you feel if your guide burst out of the jungle trail to a clearing, to see this:

Do you have a milestone birthday coming up?   

I can plan an unforgettable trip to mark your big day. 

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