Joe’s dream trip:  I’d love to take my new bride on a horseback ride through the Mayan ruins at sunset!

Joe, let’s surprise her in Belize!

Honeymoons can be luxurious or playful, 3* or 5*, but they really should be personal!

So, knowing that his new bride Susie was an avid equestrian, Joe thought a horseback ride would delight her.
We surprised her with a dream trip:
horses for the bride and groom, accompanied by private guide to explore a deserted riverside Mayan ruin in the dusky sunset hours of a June evening in Belize.

For these newlyweds’ dream trip, I had also planned fun activities:

*a cave adventure, swimming with a guide, deep into a mountain, to view the Mayan’s storied Crystal Maiden.

*a daytrip over the border into Guatemala to the famous ruin, Tikal.

*an overnight in a rustic treehouse in the jungle (followed by a cushy waterfront casita on Ambergris).

Before their honeymoon was done, Susie had caught her first fish,  eaten BBQ lobster sitting in the sand before a coconut-husk fire on the beach, savored new tropical fruits, and tubed down the Mopan river.

But I imagine that sunset horseback ride along the river remains a highlight of her cherished dream trip memories.

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