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A wildlife extravaganza in Jacque Cousteau’s “Aquarium of the World”! *Best scheduled December-May and ideally January-March*

It’s the cayes to the east (lobster diving and chillin’ on private islands) and jungle to the west (Mayan ruins and cave adventures)

A quarry that dates back to the Renaissance, a wine that dates to Dante, and roads that date to the Etruscans… all on the Western coast of Italy, the Italian Riviera!

How to DO Rome the Rare Finds’ way (think Cesarine dinners and vintage Fiats and Food Walks), then off to Vesuvius ruins, Amali, and Capri!

9-day tour of Roman ruins, chariot races, wadi jeep tours, Red Sea diving, camels and homestays and Dead Sea soaks!

9-day, 6-park tour (with driving map attached)

Not just castles – although these 11thC relics are magnificent – but falconry and ferries and fancy meals along the way!

Adopt an elephant, visit a floating market, sleep in a monastery, and go deep soloing in the islands – all in 9 days in Thailand!

From the rice terraces, Halong Bay, and the colonial capital of the North  – to the war tunnels and the Great Delta of the South  – Vietnam really feels like 2 different countries!

“Long Live” Barcelona! 9 days of city exploring, Catalonian mountain rambling, and Mallorca island life!

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