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Our curated DIY Guides are your perfect travel companion, always ready to guide your way while your heart discovers a whole new world!

Escape Guide

3-day trips

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DIY Guide

8-day trips

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DIY GUIDES have got you covered!

DIY Guides include everything you need to play your own adventure, including:

  • Our suggested itinerary

    our favorite 8 days in the country

  • Lodging choices for each night

    (some rustic, some luxurious, but all unique!)

  • Daily activities

    Self-guided as well as personalized daily activities with our very best guides (the same ones we use for custom-planning clients at RFTD)

  • Specialty food experiences

    (because if it doesn’t walk off our plate, we eat it – and you may want to too!)

  • Transportation options

    from sleeper trains to hopper flights, cars and ferries and even a camel or two

  • Critical details

    like Visas and customs

  • Restaurant recommendations

  • Mindful Money Management

    with tipping and currency details

  • Tech-Ready Travel

    Is Your Technology Ready to Travel, with helpful apps, data usage, SIM cards, and hot spots

  • Packing 3:2:1

    (In 3 minutes, we’ll show you how to pack for a 2 week trip in just 1 bag), including specialty products that you won’t want to forget in

We’ve dedicated decades of our lives to finding, gathering, and thoroughly testing for ourselves the best travel experiences, in the top destinations around the world – so that you don’t have to. So that people like you can benefit from our hard-won expertise, and save yourself the time and headache of trying to do it all yourself.
For nearly 30 years we’ve been helping curious travelers experience their dream trip with ease, instead of overwhelm, fear, and panic. So get your guide below, and get ready for the trip of a lifetime!

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Escape Guide

3-day trips

Only $99
DIY Guide

8-day trips

Just $197

Like to do things yourself but still need some help…

…DIY Plus !

Our DIY+ is the perfect balance for the adventurous traveler who likes to be in the sidecar. If you’re willing to forego complete customization, and love knowing someone else is handling all those booking details, then DIY+ is for you!
  • Weeklong Itinerary

    We start with our favorite weeklong itinerary as featured in our DIY Guide

  • hotels and activities

    You vote on your pick of hotels and activities for each day

  • Bookings & trip documents

    We make all your bookings. We deliver your trip documents.

  • Go Go Go!

    You pack and go play!

Do It Yourself

The Popular Rare Finds Travel DIY Guide
  • cool "rare finds"
  • research done-for-you
  • suggested itinerary
  • lodging, guides, and dining for each day

Do It Yourself Plus

Upgrade For An Exclusive Rare Find Experience
  • cool "rare finds"
  • research done-for-you
  • suggested itinerary
  • lodging, guides, and dining for each day
  • booked for you
  • trip documents delivered
  • our pro online app

DIY+ is the perfect way to get a “rare finds” itinerary at a fraction of the cost of custom design.

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Our Refund Policy: We have thrown all our knowledge, experience, and love into these guides. We are so confident that they will be the perfect solution to your planning problem, that we offer a full refund within 7 days of purchase if you are not 100% happy.