Imagine… Hawaii

Putting your ear to the end of your kayak paddle and listening to whales-song from beneath the waves.
Four-wheel jeeping with our waterfall guru into the backcountry of Maui for a day of waterfall jumping and jungle adventure!

Flying high over the erupting caldera in a doors-off helicopter, the pilot banking the craft so you stare straight down into the fire.

Sleeping in an exotic treehouse by the volcano, complete with outdoor bamboo shower, perched high up in the branches.

Or in a private villa on the beach!

Swimming with giant 25’ manta rays in the nighttime waters off the Big Island. They “fly” like prehistoric creatures – at once terrifying and balletic – into the illuminated water. As they barrel-roll to feed on plankton and their wings flutter under your belly, you’ll feel like you have touched the primeval.

Paddling the tallest sea cliffs in the world on Molokai.

Sailing on an America’s Cup yacht.

Spelunking in lava tubes by the volcano.

Are you a history buff ?

We’ll get you timed-entry tickets so you’ll bypass the crowd at the WW II memorial at Pearl Harbor on Oahu.

Are you a hiker ?

Head up the 7 Sacred Pools trail, stepping quietly through the dense bamboo groves as they clink in the wind, soaking in waterfalls along the way. Or we’ll get you permits for an overnight on the famous but rugged Na Pali trail.

Love the desert ?

Believe it or not, Hawaii is not all lush gardens. Experience the arid side of the islands in Kauai’s Waimea Canyon. Hire a guide for a safe but mind-boggling Hot Lava Walk, or get in the lottery for a CCC cabin, deep in the caldera of Haleakala crater.

Got a family of food-lovers ?

Let us share with you our adventurous food crawl around Maui, starting at the Surfing Goat dairy and ending at the vintage noodle shop, with every sort of Hawaiian delicacy and street snack in between.

Hawaii’s food scene is interesting and diverse, so you’ll want to explore some fine, but well off-the-beaten-road, dinners, as well as Honolulu’s monthly street food fest, Eat The Street, and all those tropical food trucks!

You’re probably dreaming of a luau, but what about the Hana smoothie shop where you pedal the bicycle to power the blender?
You’ll be impressed by many dockside eateries, scattered throughout the island chain, inspired by local chefs who are embracing the farm-to-table scene is the most outstanding ways!
Rare Finds’ owner Melanie is food-obsessed too. Her motto, “if it doesn’t walk off her plate, I eat it!”, has led her all over the Hawaiian islands. Let her introduce you to some of her favorite food experiences on your next vacation to the 50th state.

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