Imagine… Peru

A Peruvian trip is for explorers at heart.

Everyone’s highlight is the famous Mayan city, Machu Picchu. Rare Finds works with a local guiding outfit to lead you over the Andean passes and up to the Incan ruins. Special touches include tea service (TO your tent) and guides who are expert on history, biology, and mythology of the mountains. Be at the Gates of the Sun at dawn, and soak up the famous Machu Picchu Incan city before the crowds arrive!
Don’t want to camp? We’ve got a one-day hike option too. Don’t want to hike? Take the train!
Hop over the mountain range to the gateway to the Amazon. You’ll ride a small canoe up the Tambopata to our favorite jungle lodge – see macaws and caimans, howler monkeys and tarantulas.

Fly south to see the condors of Colca Canyon, deeper even than our own Grand Canyon! And visit the reed island communities in Lake Titicaca.

Make time to soak in the street scene in Cusco.

And for a completely unconventional experience, take an overnight trip to Amaru, a tiny Quechuan village, 15,000′ up in the Andean Mountains.

Lodge with Hilda and her family, where you can drink lima bean tea, help the family to cook dinner on Hilda’s open heart, and enjoy guitar music that floats through the mists of the high maintain ridge.

Complete the trip with an excursion to the valley’s farm stands and take fresh vegetables back as a hostess gift!

And before you leave, try to catch a South American futbol game — some are in the stadium, but the best ones are on the sidewalk!

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