Imagine… Baja Sur

You reach out and touch his little face. His steel-blue skin feels cool and slick, and a little spongy.

Stray brittle hairs are coarse under your fingertips. Then his eye, big and glossy, locks your gaze and captures your heart.

He’s taken a liking to you.

You two have met in the mouth of Baja’s San Ignacio Laguna, as you bobbed in a ranger boat on a much-coveted 90-minute permitted tour. He, along with his nurserymates, were born over the past few weeks, back in the protected coves of the lagoon, and are spending a few months nursing and growing and learning before migrating north to Alaska. Today, though, he’s all yours. He surfaces just off the rail, almost capsizing your small fishing dory. He performs a spy hop (as his maneuver is called) and, when you reach out to rub him, he seems to enjoy it. You may kiss his forehead, but the ranger says that what he really loves to have his lips scratched. Indeed, he lingered by the rail, suspended in the water, soaking up the attention.

Then, suddenly, with a surprise snort out of his blowhole, he sprays you and the boatload of eager admirers, then disappears in the deep green water.

And that’s only one stop on your journey through Baja Sur, which Rare Finds has accurately dubbed ‘ A Whale Crawl’ because it will put you into the space of – at times in touching range of – not 1 but 4 types of leviathans in just 7 days!

Our Whale Crawl along the Baja coast

The whales sing all day long but it’s only when the boat motor noise dies down after dark that you can actually hear them. On a boat, watching the sunset, the whalesong ring eerily from the underwater hydrophone!

Moving north to La Paz, meet the Whale Sharks. Paddling hard with your fins, you might just be able to keep up with him. You get so close that you could reach out with your hand and touch him. He is mag-nificent! He may be the biggest fish in the sea, but with no teeth and gentle nature, he is awe-inspiring!

In Loreto Bay National Park, there’s no cozy-ing up to the marine giants! Blue Whales, the largest creatures on earth, inhabit Loreto Bay National Park between January 1 and May 30. You can see them on a dayboat, but even better is to view them from the seat of a kayak!

Past the Whales…

Want to swim with a colony of sea lions?
Help with research at a turtle camp?
Kayak along cliffs of blue-footed boobies, or ride a horse out to a remote ranchero to spend the night? Or go clamming and have a beach clambake, just like a local?
Want to walk the desert amongst the Dr.-Seuss-like Boojum trees, searching for tiny bulbous pin cushion cacti, hugging a Saguaro, and ending up in giant dunes of the seaside!
Or explore a string of stunning beaches along Jacques Cousteau’s “the Aquarium of the World”?
You can admire prehistoric cave paintings. Hang out in artsy desert towns. Learn to surf.

Sleep on an island, at the whale camp, at a swanky yacht marina resort, or in the Hotel California.

Do we hear you humming the tune already? …Ho-tel Ca-lifornia… such a lovely place…

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