Imagine Scotland

Try a Castle Crawl through Scotland!

It’s 5 castles in 6 days! These relics – some dating back to the 11th C – have seen the Spanish Armada sail past! The circular lighthouse-style staircases that lead up into their towers have irregularly spaced stairs intended to trip up medieval invaders as they tried to storm the castle. And the traditional Scottish feasts that are served here fireside are just magnificent.
Along the way you’ll cross ferries, ride trains, sail lochs, explore battlefields, and experience falconry, just the way that clans hunted with falcons over the centuries.

And that’s only the beginning…

On the far west you can sleep in the Blackhouses on the Hebrides – communities of crofting, or farming, families that have lived on these outer islands for 150 years.

In the far north you’ll find the First Stonehenge – a collection of UNESCO-protected Neolithic stone circles and tombs on the Orkney Islands that pre-date the famous Stonehenge site in England.

To the east you’ll enjoy Edinburgh – shopping the Royal Mile, exploring the haunts of Harry Potter author JK Rowling, having tea on the Royal Yacht Brittannia, and creeping into the dungeons of Edinburgh’s Castle. Time your visit right and you can even get tickets to the Royal Tattoo (you better like bagpipes)!

In the middle, there’s the famous Antonine Wall – an extension of the famous Hadrian’s Wall from 122AD. Today you can hike small 5km sections that often connect with castle tours and tea shops for entrancing single-day excursions.

Throughout the Highlands are famous “whiskey trails”, but at Rare Finds Travel, we like to get you off the beaten path to lesser-known small-batch distilleries where you can appreciate the briney tones of island whiskeys versus the peat-y tones of Highland whiskeys.

And all along the way you’ll sample some unique Scottish plates.
You’ve probably heard of blood sausage and haggis? But what about Stovies? And Cullen Skink? You better watch this video so you’re in-the-know before you go!

Let your Scottish wild child play in this stunningly beautiful, easily driveable, story-filled land!