Imagine Turkey

…and finding yourself out on a rooftop in Istanbul at sunset as hundreds of mosques issue their evening Call to Prayer. it is hypnotic, strange and undeniably beautiful.

Many travelers have concerns about Turkey’s safety and conservative culture. You too? If so, read on. Because I am here to tell you that Turkey’s magic – its delectable seafood and storied sites – and my superb local ambassador Ozgur – are all waiting to welcome you. Yes, it is ancient elements that reveal Roman roots, and it has nightclubs, boundless fine dining and twinf modern collesseums on either side of the Bosporus that are home to the city’s two rival soccer teams.

Choose from a historic mansion with a view of the 1,480-year-old Haggia Sophia, or a chic boutique hotel waterfront on the Bosphorus.

Istanbul has mysteries and puzzles galore. Why is the nave in the church off-center by 9*? Where did the Greek shipbuilders settle when they immigrated to this maritime city? Why do the big ships ply the Bosphorus in only one direction each day? Ozgur will demystify these questions and more as he leads you past throngs of waiting tourists and straight into the bucket-list sights such as the Blue Mosque with his special enter through the exit entryways.

Ready to Shop ?

Under Ozgur’s care, you’ll select only the primo vendors in the vast Bazaar – the best pistachio baker from Gaziantep, the scarf merchant who sells to Matthew Broderick and Doctor Oz (and Melanie Tucker ) and the leatherworker with Turkey’s prized brand, GON.

Ready to Eat ?

The bounty of the Mediterranean is everywhere, from your first cold meze of grilled calamari to your main course of whole Snapper. To say nothing of Sunday’s big meal – Sunday brings a traditional Turkish brunch – a real feast! The highlight for me is clotted cream and local honey on iconic simit bread.
And Turkish wine and black tea – which they call “chai” – are ubiquitous.

Ready to Play ?

Charter a yacht for a private cruise down the Bosphorus.
Befriend the locals – which is easily done.

Relax at a dinner club with belly-dancers.

Take a hammam at a 300-year-old bath.

Cheer Fenerbahce, the local soccer team, in a neighborhood tavern while you enjoy a hooka pipe.

Stroll the centuries-old cobbestone-d lanes that only locals know. I promise you …
A weekend affair with this city will produce a lifelong love.

For all its grandeur and intricate history, there’s much more to Turkey than Istanbul.

In Cappadocia, that fairytale land locked in the heart of Turkey, you can explore a 7-story underground city of Derinkuyu (complete with winery, morgue, and chapel) where up to 20,000 once lived. Visit a world-famous local potter. Play the uniquely Turkish game of Cross Golf.

Sleep overnight in a cave hotel and rise up in a hot air balloon at sunrise!

Or the food-obsessed southeast region of Gaziantep – considered the soul of Turkish Cuisine. Here, gastronomy is synonymous with festivity, intercultural dialogue, and learning.

And finally, the Turquoise Coast, often called the Turkish Riviera, has impressive gulets. Sail along the Aegean Sea, stopping at small fishing villages, picturesque swimming holes, and the UNESCO site of Ephesus.

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And can help you to create an itinerary that will let you delve into your particular passions in this land where East meets West!

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Hammam — the traditional communal baths found from Turkey to Morocco — are a cultural as well as physical treat!