Imagine Portugal

It’s a country the size of New York City whose rich offerings range from cosmopolitan Lisbon to tiled Porto, from the rolling wine country of the north to the sunny Algarve beaches in the south.

Portugal was long Europe’s little appreciated find, and it still does not get the attention it deserves (lucky for those who travel there).

With Mediterranean warmth, castle stays, fascinating history, and delectable cuisines, you may find it to hold your next best adventure! And if you like roadtrips, it’s perfect!

Start in Lisbon on a scooter driven by my charismatic guide. You’ll maneuver right around the often-long queues of city traffic and explore the warren of lanes known as Alfama. We’ll get you timed-entry to noteworthy historic sites like the Monastery or the Arch, but the sun will naturally time your evening’s agenda, beckoning you to overlooks and the banks of the Tagus for the daily sunset.
Love boats? You might spend that sunset sailing along the coast with your private skipper as you sip sundowners.

Portugal’s second city, Porto, is reachable by a train, drive, or quick Ryan Air flight. It is best interpreted by my specialty azulejos, or tiles, guide. He will help you decipher what business or type of person occupied a particular dwelling by analyzing the tiles on its facade. This turns an ordinary stroll through town into a sort of scavenger hunt, ending up back at your guesthouse which also has inner courtyards adorned with tile-work.

From there, travel upriver to the rolling wine terraces of the Douro where you can stomp grapes (Are you an I Love Lucy fan? It’s just like in the show!) and even stay overnight.
There are enticing medieval towns, topped by castles with turret-ed bedrooms that will make you feel a little like a fairytale princess or prince.. And cooking nights in locals’ homes where you learn to make the Portuguese classics of tapas and their Pasteis de Nata dessert.

Hike canals of Portugal’s Little Venice, the famous Walkways of Paiva, or the Caba de Roca cliffs in Sintra

And top off your Portugal Escape with a stay on sun-soaked Algarve.

Sleep in an old nunnery used for island girls who spent their weekdays on the mainland, working in the anchovy factories. Or rent a seaside villa for your whole family!

Boat to jaw-dropping sea caves.

Jeep to vineyards. Or just wander along the seafront, sampling those iconic anchovies straight off sidewalk grills.

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