Imagine Lapland

…you wake up, snug in your Aurora Hut, still under your comforter, looking out your glass ceiling - yes, it’s a window above you…

It offers view of a wintry heaven – snow-frosted trees, Robin-egg-blue sky, and butterscotch sun just peeking through to make this fairyland sparkle.

Was last night a dream, you wonder?
Tucked up in this northern corner of Finnish Lapland, you had spotted your first aurora. These Northern Lights made a wee-hour smear of green over the black winter sky. They shimmered. Floated about. Tickled your imagination. Then dissolved…poof!

You check your iPhone – it wasn’t a dream. Here’s your pic!

But knowing how fickle the aurora can be, you made many plans! Today you’re going to head out on a reindeer safari!
Wrapped up in woolen blankets, you sleigh out through the snowscape. Your destination is a backcountry hut with a crackling wood fire where your reindeer guide will share thick hot potato soup and dark Finnish bread, and regale you with stories of reindeer traditions and economics in this remote country.
But it’s a couple hours to get there. And along the way, there is pure silence – a serene, unheard of quiet. Only the crunch of the sleigh rails as they slice through the snow … the gentle jingle of bells as the reindeer harness sways back and forth … and the occasional snort of your reindeer at he pulls your sled along the blanketed forest trail.

As you can imagine, this trip calls for a warm wardrobe. If you’re wondering how to dress for this type of destination, check out our free guide below). Just know that the Finns LIVE outdoors, and you will too – riding horses, snowmobiling, dogsledding with Samoedji dogs.

You can even go ice fishing and cook your lake perch in an outdoor kitchen. Soak in a wooden hot tub. Or sleep in a handmade real igloo (it’s warmer than you’d think and you’ll be utterly free of the digital world.) Lingonberry pancakes, reindeer stew, hot chocolate. Magical snowy nature. Santa Claus. Lapland is truly a fairyland, a wondrous, boundless white world that on occasion is festooned with the aurora’s dancing colors.

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