Imagine Iceland…

…1 country, 2 completely different experiences, depending on the season.

Wintertime In Iceland…

In wintertime, head UNDER the glacier, into an ice-cave! I called it “My Blue Room”.

No experience required. Just hire one of our expert guides to lead you into this otherworldly chamber, the size of a football field, where you can explore side tunnels or just sit, mesmerized by the drip.. drip… drip of the bruised ice walls. Wintertime also brings you the exhilarating (though sometimes elusive) Northern Lights. Not to worry – although we cannot guarantee Mother Nature’s display, we have strategies beyond the sightseeing boats of Reykjavík to spots away from the coast where fog and clouds are less likely to obscure this nighttime wonder.

Summer In Iceland…

In Summer, drive the now-famous Ring Road with stops in our favorite overnights – dockside inns, national park cabins, farmsteads, and even homestays.

Hike to remote hot springs and behind waterfalls. Zodiac around pods of whales. Learn to bake bread in the volcanic earth. Drive the spine of the island inaccessible in wintertime. And meet the locals who will show you how to ferment shark (yes, they really do eat – and enjoy – this local delicacy.)

Then splurge on a flight-see trip to one of Iceland’s northern offshore islands to sip champagne amidst a flock of nesting puffins as the Midnight Sun sets, barely, only to rise again minutes later.

And There’s More!

Year round, take a food crawl along the fault line (we call it “dinner plates on Tectonic plates”), tasting Minke Whale and Arctic Char, and the Icelanders’ daily tea time ritual of waffles and cream.

Ride a uniquely-5-gaited Icelandic horse on an island where many locals still rely on horses for everyday transportation. Ride through volcanic landscapes dotted with cute but mysterious elf houses.

Visit the turf houses from lost centuries. Trek on a glacier (age is no barrier – your typical 65-year-old can do this!)

Rejuvenate in the iconic Blue Lagoon, even if you’re crowd-averse like us (we’ve got some secrets for you.)

We are routing experts! That will be key to properly explore this island where distances are deceiving and roads range from highway to single track.

Iceland’s contrasts are many and striking. Rare Finds, with its gift for routing and its depth of local knowledge, will design a tailored experience capturing both the well-known marvels and hidden gems of this island of fire and ice.

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Iceland’s Crystal Ice Cave
Stukkur’s Geyser

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