Imagine Yucatan

You leap – with a 1-2-3-GO! – into the deep blue water of an underground cenote (pronounced sin-O-tay)!
You swim with whale sharks, those docile giants whose migratory run passes off of Isla Holbox every summer.
You explore Mayan ruins – especially Coba, the only Mayan temple in the region that still allows you to climb all the steps to the tippy top for a view over the jungle canopy.
You ferry to offshore islands like Isla Mujeres where you can explore on golf carts and enjoy a cervesa at a beach bar, swinging in a rope chair over the sand.
You escape for a 3-day yoga and detox, all by yourself… or you gather 3 generations of your family for a restful reunion that people will talk about for generations to come!
You snorkel in the stunning, pristine and protected waters of Cozumel… zipline… and hike the Sian Ka’an trail, deep into the biosphere.

You hang out at corner taquerias where 25 pesos, or about 2 bucks, will buy you 3 of the most delish, roasted pork tacos on freshly made tortillas… sample unusual empanada flavors at little local cafes… and watch the helados guy make your coconut ice cream from scratch in his roadside food truck.

You roadtrip for the day along the Convent Route, exploring cathedral and colonial churches, some of which date back to the 1600s… then count your blessings at a sunset on the Tulum beach.
And sleep at your private staffed villa, or an artists’ colony on the beach. By that brilliantly blue sea.

See Yucatan in Action

Artsy Overnight at the Playa Papaya Project
In and around Tulum
Happy on Holbox
JUMP! it’s a cenote
Sian Kaan
Yucatan snack
Yucatan roadtrip

Custom Yucatan

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