Imagine Jamaica

You wake up in an airy, sprawling treehouse, wide open on three sides to the swaying leafy greenery of 3-story palms.

You smell the faint sweetness of tropical blooms, mis with the muskiness of earthy jungle.
You hear the calls of miniature tropical birds whose flecks of color flit amongst the wall of green.

Over the tree canopy you can see the blue Caribbean, stretching far out to the horizon.

And if you climb out of bed and walk to the edge of the jungle window to look down, you see a different blue – the deepest azure – of the now-famous Blue Lagoon.

Your reverie is broken by a knock on your door… it’s breakfast!
Welcome to life in the treehouses of Jamaica!

Rare Finds will help you to sidestep those big anonymous resorts, and send you instead to a treehouse like the one above, or a boutique beach favorite of Marilyn Monroe.

Or if you crave sunsets, maybe a cave hotel or cliff-top bungalow on the west coast, just down the road from the famous cliff-jumping of Ricks.

Or maybe choose the Golden Eye Resort, a stunning little gem where Ian Fleming wrote 13 of his James Bond thrillers.
Or maybe a serene lodge on a coffee plantation up in the misty highlands.

Wherever you stay, the island’s award-winning beaches surround you. And when you’ve had your fill of lazy beach days, action adventure awaits! Swerve on the bobsled. Zip a jungle line. Climb waterfalls.

It’s a candy store of Caribbean fun.
Jamaica makes it easy, ‘mon.

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