Imagine Belize

The equatorial sun of Belize toasts your shoulders as Roberto drops anchor on the north side of Ambergris and hands you a hooked 6′ pole! It is time to lobster-dive!

Outfitted with snorkel and mask, you scan the limpid shallows for lobster “carports”, 12’x20’ wooden flats, where a protruding antennae or a flurry of sand might reveal a Caribbean crayfish known locally as Spiny Lobsters.

It turns out that hooking the crafty crustaceans is not so easy! You hyperventilate in the waves, and laugh underwater at your poor prowess. Lunch, however, is never in doubt: Roberto, a master lobster-diver, soon has the cockpit teeming with what will be a delicious meal before you know it.

He ties off the mooring ball and putters over to a secluded cove where, with pelicans as your only company, he pulls out a bag of dried coconut husks, builds a campfire, and whips up a BBQ lunch unlike any other.

You feel like an extra in a Robinson Crusoe movie!

I climbed up temple ruins and heard tales of ancient civilizations.

I call this place “Bonita” Belize, because its tropical beauty takes your breath away.

Last time I was in this Central American country, I forded jungle rivers and spelunked to sacrificial sites of the ancient Mayan.

I slept in a thatched treehouse, perched 2 flights up, in the fork of a Guanacaste tree. The Mopan River flowed under us, while fireflies put on a nightly show and jungle cats prowled in the tall grasses.

I ate dragonfruit, grilled Talapia, a local spinach specialty, and the ubiquitous rice-n-beans. I washed it all down with the island’s own Belikin, and a splash of homemade Banana Wine!

The next night, I slept on an offshore caye (pronounced key), where I biked along sandy lanes, drifted the reefs with local guides in search of barracuda, swam with stingrays in the marine sanctuary, and even hugged a shark!

~ Melanie, owner of Rare Finds Travel

In this compact country, about the size of New Jersey, you can – in just one week – explore the jungle (2 hours to the West) and the islands (2 hours to the East).
And even indulge in a private island stay! Just imagine… on the second largest reef on the globe, on a tiny palm-fringed isle, there’ll be only you, a handful of guests, some paddleboards and hammocks, and a caretaker (because someone has to grill the lobsters!)

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