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Next week, D-Day marks its 70th anniversary on the beaches of Normandy, France.

  • D Day was the largest seaborne invasion in history, Operation Overlord
  • Of the 150,000 soldiers, almost 1 in 15 died by the end of that D Day.
  • D Day forced the Germans to fight on 2 fronts, thus marking the beginning of the end of WW II.

To appreciate this staggering D Day story, wouldn’t a guide be worthwhile?   Here are my 3 favorites:

Paul Woodadge, the famous D Day Historian: 

This gentleman is an Institution in the Normandy area.  He never subcontracts and never combines groups, but rather personally guides each client on their individual journey.
One of his favorites is the American Experience, for example, which runs every Monday/Tuesday.   He also offers Band of Brothers, and even a more specialty tour of the Falaise Gap.

Cost for private:  €600 for 9 hours

Guillaume Marie, of Normandy D Day Tours
 Private tours can be arranged with this local guide who is very eager and easy to work with.

Cost:  €260
What’s included:  pickup and drop off from Bayeux hotel,  private transportation 5 hours of fully guided tour customized to your specific D Day interests

Group Tours through D Day Battle Tours
Recommended by Rick Steves, these D Day tours can be either private or public.

For €110pp, you can choose from 1 or 2 day journeys, and even ride in an authentic WW II jeep!

Want a concise history article about D Day?  Click here.

Interested in an excellent reading list about D Day?  Here’s one!

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