Hang out with locals while you soak in the centuries.

  • Spend the night with a Quechuan family in their home up in Amaru, an Andean village perched 15,000′  above the Sacred Valley of Peru.
  • Meet the neighbors of my South African host for your stroll through Soweto.
  • Truffle hunt with my farmer in Umbria, Italy, just as foragers have done for centuries.  Then soak alongside locals in hot springs that bubble right in the river.
  • Sip vodka and sample caviar as you yacht off the coast of Sitka, Alaska’s first Russian settlement.
  • Meet my Easter Island guides: her grandfather headed up the restoration of the Moai in the ’60s and his grandmother was the last baby born in a native settlement at Ovahe Beach before the British took over in 1920s.

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