You're a FOODIE

  • Riding a camel out into the Moroccan desert to a bedouin tent to share a traditional mint tea with the Berber family
  • Go truffle hunting in Umbria, then head back to the farm kitchen for an afternoon of sipping Prosecco cooking truffle dishes – then feast!
  • Hop on back of a motorbike in Saigon and take a street food tour to the 11 districts far from the tourist zone – goat hot pot, green alfafa salad, sticky rice, and Vietnamese pancakes. Check out the video!


  • Take a float plane and bush plane combo to get to the backcountry of Katmai NP in Alaska for a day with the grizzly bears that will change your life!
  • Head to Churchill, Manitoba in October to see polar bears – they all congregate on the tundra waiting for the pack ice, and they are a sight to behold!
  • Journey to San Ignacio Bay in Baja in early spring to touch one of the totally wild but “friendly” baby gray whales!


  • Journey out to Easter Island, a minute speck in the Pacific where you can meet the storied Moai and learn the cautionary tale of civilization gone awry.
  • Trek the Incan Trail with Peru Treks on a fully concierge-d 4-day journey in the footsteps of the
  • Join the druids as they celebrate the Vernal Equinox at dawn, “inside the stones”.

You're a ZEN LOVER

  • Our favorite ashram in the Bahamas for yoga, vegetarian cuisine, and Satsang – all on a drop-dead gorgeous beach.
  • A temple overnight at Koyasan, south of Kyoto in Japan, where the priest will burn your dearest wishes in a traditional fire ceremony
  • Tassajara, a Zen mountain retreat in the Carmel Valley.


  • Snorkel at night with the 24’ manta rays off the Big Island of Hawaii – they are prehistoric looking and downright terrifying but at the same time balletic and 100% safe.
  • Head out to Havasupai Falls, “people of the blue green waters”. You’ll have a steep canyon hike, a helicopter ride, and a series of waterfalls – all 2 hours from Las Vegas!
  • Step backwards off the 2nd largest waterfall in Costa Rica, and rappel down all the way to the bottom. I did it – so you can too!

Ready For A Unique Experience?

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– Melanie Tucker, Owner, Rare Finds Travel Design