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If you want to grab one last memory before he leaves,
or gather 3 generations of your family for a celebratory trip,
or just have an unforgettable adventure that’ll be a touchstone for your both as you move forward,

then here are 5 Secrets to making it GREAT!

SECRET 1:   Embrace lifelong learning. 

If your kid’s a history buff, take her to Greece or out along the Oregon Trail.
If you’ve got a French student, take him to Paris or down to Morocco.

I remember a trip with my son Doug to Belize several years ago.  He was already in college in CA, and I wanted to meet in the middle.  My friends jokingly reminded me that Kansas was the middle, not Belize.  Still, we joined up at a treehouse in the western jungle and, one special day, hired a guide to cross the border into Guatemala to visit the famous Mayan ruin, Tikal.

As we walked onto the Tikal site, Doug suddenly stopped in his tracks.  “I KNOW this place!”, he exclaimed.  Somewhere in 5 years of Spanish class, he had been shown slides and, today,  all that knowledge came to life!

SECRET 2:  Live their dream. 

When I was 17, I had no idea what I wanted to become.  But I know that some graduates do.

So, if your kid already has a passion, devote a day on your graduation trip to embrace that dream…
One of my clients had an 18 year old who dreamed of becoming a screenwriter.  So I planned them a private lunch in Hollywood with a director/actor.  The daughter sat for 2 hours and picked his brain:  What does a day at work look like?  How can she break into the industry?  Whom should she meet?

For an aspiring doctor, I researched a day in an AIDS clinic,
and this past Spring, I set up a playdate for 2 young American brothers with a family in Rome.  Since the children spoke no common language, we called the event “Lost in Translation”.

Many things are possible.   Let your imagination go wild.

SECRET 3:   Go off-the-beaten-path. 

Ritz Carltons are lovely but they look pretty much the same, from Shanghai to London.

On the other hand, if you stay in a cave hotel or treehouse, can you imagine the memory?

If you go for a special dinner into the home of a Cesarine in an Italian home, do you think you’ll soon forget it?

Or what about spending all day in Grizzly country together?

This is the stuff that family lore is made of!

SECRET 4:   Pluck something off the Wish List. 

Has your graduate always wanted to learn to surf?
Or sleep in a castle?

Does he love to cook and dream of dicing onions with a celebrity chef?
Or maybe she wants to ride an elephant?

Making one wish come true can make for a truly great vacation memory.

SECRET 5:   It’s cool to have rules for your graduation trip. 

Don’t let preconceived notions of typical graduation trips get in your way.

Only have 4 days?   Fine!
Need to adhere to a certain budget?  Cool!
Want Grandma to join you but she’s got mobility issues?  No problem!

Each of these issues is easy to overcome with proper consideration.

At Tough Love Travel, I have the privilege of designing these special trips!  I’d love to help you with yours!   Grab a free phone call to talk about YOUR graduation dream
This blog is dedicated to 2 recent graduates in my life:  Rob Borchert, from UArts in Philadelphia PA, and Ben McCrickard, from Southlake Christian Academy in Huntersville NC!