I am proud to present my Top 10 Safari Shots! 
Warning to you professional photographers out there:   these don’t get top scores for photography perfection, but rather for their “WOW! Really?!” factor.  
#1:  The day breaks at Rekero Camp
#2:  The Masai and their mandatory mobiles 
#3:  The Tiniest babe

#4:  Meandering elephant and river

#5:  A dip with the dikdiks 
Check out animals grazing in background.

#6:  Sundowners for just YOU! 
The jeep, in mid-gamedrive, comes upon sundowners-for-2, set out on this remote lakeshore.  You wonder: “How did they know I liked Captain Morgans and how did it get all the way out here?”

#7:  Lone giraffe at dusk:

#8:  Creatures, as far as the eye can see

#9:  King of the savannah in mating ritual
#10:  Will I fit?
At Giraffe Manor, in Nairobi

Honorable Mention:    Bush Breakfast

Are you wondering: 
Which month is best to travel to East Africa?
What animals will I see?
Is it safe?  Do I need vaccinations? 
Can I relax at a beach after safari? 
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