Family adventures that are sometimes rustic, often luxurious, but always unique

You’ll sleep in unique spots like cave hotels and castles, lighthouses and treehouses – maybe Napoleon’s apartment in Rome?

You’ll meet local guides to take you lobster-diving in Belize… or for a day with the grizzlies in Alaska… or to a dinner party in the home of a Cesarine in Italy.

Play Together. Learn Together. CelebrateTogether.

make memories that your family will talk about for years, and years, to come.

It all started the summer when I was 7.

That summer, my dad hooked a Shasta camper up to our blue Rambler and drove my family around the American West.

We just did ordinary things, but I came away with an extraordinary feeling – bonded with my family and eager for the adventures that were waiting for us down the road, each day.

I recreated that feeling for my own family of four sons, and I am excited to bring the magic of travel to your family too!

— Melanie

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“We are having great fun, being amazed and impressed, with what you keep coming up with”

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