Sunny Winter Fun Spotlight: BARBADOS

A gal emailed me the other day, “What’s there to do in Barbados?”
Don’t start me!, I say.

Between a wild ocean and tranquil sea, exciting diving and enticing dining, mountain crags to sugar cane fields, a British heritage with a Bajan spirit, and an island culture that’s as welcoming as it is exotic…. Barbados was a 2nd home to my family for 20 years, but today also welcomes honeymooners and single travelers of all ages. Try this:

  • Toast coconut bread, slather on some butter, and enjoy!

  • Get introduced (underwater, of course) to the island’s family of SEA TURTLES

  • Collect art at a local potter! Their operation has gotten really sophisticated, including a website with online orders, but it all started as a Mom and her son, mixing unique glazes on a hilltop in the parish of St Thomas. (see sidebar)

  • Learn to water ski… here’s our trusty water-sports guide, Brian, who taught my 4 year old to ski, right off the sand!

  • Do all kinds of water sports… banana boating, jet-skiing, tubing, sundowners, restaurant ferries!

  • Attend a church service, and be ready to dance!

  • Go on island safari, to see the sites and hear the heritage!

  • Day sail to the Grenadines! 4 hours, yet a world, away, is this pristine diving hideout in the tropics!

  • Go underground… in Harrison’s Cave!

  • Brunch with the locals on christophene, plantains, pumpkin, and flying fish! Or try CouCou, the national dish of Barbados, made with cornmeal and okra.

  • Go on a Rum Tour… learn how they harvest, press, and process the sugar cane for your punch!

  • Cheer at a polo match!

  • Meet a local painter, right on the sand! He’s been a fixture since the early 80’s.

  • Watch world-class windsurfing competitions off of Crane Beach!

  • Hang at a neighborhood pub over a Banks (the local brew)!

  • Ride horses, surfboards, segways, golf carts, 4×4 jeeps… or rent a moke!

  • Walk the cruise ship dock!

  • Take the kids to see monkeys, tortoises, and peacocks at the Wildlife Reserve!

  • Rock at a Reggae Party… check out the Gap for the hottest spot!

  • Smell the flowers at the Botanical Gardens!

  • Boogie board ‘til you drop, on the perfect waves at south shore! Atlantic meets Caribbean here, so the waves have punch without being painful.

Stay tuned in the next few weeks, as Tough Love Travel inspires you for Winter Travel… to both hot and cold climes!

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