Marguerite talks about MARRIED TO A BEDOUIN

Marguerite was a young Kiwi backpacker, on a trip to the Middle East, when she ended up in Petra, sharing tea with a handsome and — it turns out– irresistible bedouin named Mohammed.

She hiked and listened around campfires and marveled, then tried to continue on her walkabout.  But Petra and the charming bedouin tugged her back, and within a week or so, she was ensconced in a cave, in love, in what was to become her new life.

That was 1978, and for 30 years, she created a family and shared her medical skills as an integral part of this desert community.
You’ll have to read the book to learn the rest of her story!

Today, you can travel to Petra, stop in Marguerite’s souvenir shop, and meet her bedouin community (and some of her actual family members!).

Here is Polly (from Monday’s interview), who enjoyed an intimate tea in Petra with the sister of Mohammed (Marguerite’s husband, seated far left).

Marguerite tells such a compelling memoir!  Surprisingly, she had a challenging time, getting it published.   Here, she talks about writing about her life, and honoring the man who so profoundly changed her life, and the love of 2 people from such different backgrounds.
Read Marguerite’s interview!

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