Travel with our clients and a GoPro!

Want a keepsake of your trip to Belize, swimming with sharks?  Or of your adventure on an Alaskan  dogsled?

As a client of Rare Finds Travel, you get to borrow one of our company GoPro cameras to take on your trip.  Video your fun and bring it back to our RFTD videographer.  They’ll polish it up into a 2-4 minute touchstone that you can keep, a fond reminder of this moment in your life.

Check out these recent videos.

And when you can’t stand the temptation any longer, click here to contact Rare Finds Travel  so Melanie can plan your own GoPro adventure!

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Here’s the GoPro, having some fun with the sea lions of Los Islotes in Baja!
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Can you imagine life on the Pack Ice of the Arctic? Email Melanie with your questions.