Who’s behind-the-scenes at Rare Finds Travel? Meet Nikita

Nikita, the e-marketing expert at Rare Finds Travel Rare Finds Travel is my life’s passion, but that doesn’t mean that I get all the credit!

Behind the scenes I have a videographer from Barcelona, a researcher from Croatia, a WordPress expert from NJ, bookkeepers and assistants, and one very special young lady from India named Nikita who’s an expert in e-marketing.

Today, I want to introduce her to you…

Q: Tell us about where you live in India:

Map of Punjab, IndiaI live with my parents and grandparents in Zirakpur.  It’s in Punjab state near Chandigarh.  It’s about 250km from the capital Delhi and about 1 lakh (a unit in the Indian numbering system qual to 100,000) people live there.   I speak Hindi, Punjabi, and English.

Q:  What is the biggest misconception that you think foreigners (especially Americans) have about India?

I guess that majority of the foreigners still think that India is a country of snake charmers and all. This is not true anymore and India is a developing country with great infrastructure coming up.

Q: What do you wonder about the US?

I like the people of United States a lot. They are open minded, cool and easy to go with. So far my experience with US people has been extremely good.

Q:  If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?

 I would like to visit Switzerland.

Q: How did you become so skilled with technology?

I did my schooling at St Joseph’s High School, Chandigarh.  I did my graduation from Punjab University and, after graduating, I did a course in Web/Graphic Designing and Development.   Every day I try to learn something new.

Q:  That sounds like a solid education system.   In the US, there is a big (and growing) wealth gap and government programs are supposed to help less fortunate.   What’s it like in India?

In India also there is a big wealth gap.  So far government has been unsuccessful to improve this.  There are reservations in schools, colleges, and to get jobs in government organizations for the under privileged category of people.  However, we do not see any marginal improvement and instead, it is hurting a general category people who are better qualified.

Q: You had to go to the hospital recently when you fell (hope you are feeling all better).  Do you think the medical care in India is good?

Yes I am absolutely fine now. Medical care is not that good in India. The government hospitals are mostly fully packed and it takes hours of waiting time to meet a doctor and get treatment. There are private hospitals like Fortis, Apollo, Max etc which are highly expensive like a 5 or 7 star hotel and are only for the riches.

Q:  So tell us about dating, love, and marriage in India.

Yes, dating is a common thing here. Couples eat, drink, watch movies, go for a ride etc on there dates.

I am okay with an arranged marriage. In an arranged marriage first the families meet and if they feel good they visit each other’s home and girl and boy also talk to each other.

Indian weddings are real fun. There are many ceremonies to be performed. Starting with Roka (this means that both the families confirm for marriage with the exchange of sweets, fruits and some money). After Roka, ring ceremony is performed and the wedding date is also decided on ring ceremony. Mostly the wedding date is decided by a Pandit based on astrology. Pandit finds an auspicious date for the wedding. After that the venue is decided for the wedding and both the families send invitation cards to there relatives and friends. During the wedding as well there are many ceremonies starting from 2 days before the wedding like Mehndi, Haldi etc.

Curious about Indian weddings?  Check out this home video on our youtube channel.

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