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Mom Trips: Sometimes Rustic, Often Luxurious, But Always Unique!

Mother’s Day makes us dream of spending special time with Mom, so here are  3 of Rare Finds’ unique experiences that you and mom will remember for years to come!

#1:  Houseboat on Lake Powell

Houseboating on Lake Powell is SUCH a special family experience that it was the ONLY place that me and my family revisited over the 15 years of childhood road trips.

Cruise around the lake surrounded by bright orange rock formations and beach the boat for the night under the stars, complete with a campfire. Or take a stroll down the shoreline to explore the ancient caves that have been carved out over thousands of years.  It even comes with a water slide to keep the kids happy while Mom fishes and Dad reads (or vice versa).

The houseboat rental and gasoline are not cheap, but you’ll save money by cooking your own meals and making your own fun.    Bookmark this one – I promise you’ll love it!

#2:  Country House in Normandy

Cozy up in a house in the French countryside. You can cook meals for yourself or hire a local chef for an added experience (and expense). Learn the rich history with self-guided tours of Normandy’s WW II beaches or an offshore UNESCO protected island called Tatihou that you reach only by an exposed bar at low tide.

And for an idea for a one of a kind experience at Mont St Michel, email us here.Walk the bay at Mt St Michel and you'll arrive like no one else!

#3: Rose Island Lighthouse off of Newport RI

For an East Coast lighthouse experience, visit Newport and take a short boat ride out to this little island to spend the night at Rose Island Lighthouse. This slice of paradise is a bird sanctuary year round, so it’s secluded and isolated –  perfect for ornithologists! There is gorgeous 360 degree view of the bay and one of my favorite things to do here is simply to sit on the lawn under the flagpole and watch the parade of sailboats go by.  The island is also home to some military barracks from the Revolutionary War and has a stock of sit-upon kayaks that you can borrow.

This historic stay is also self-catering so you saves money for a day trip to Newport.

Want to see what it’s like?  Check out our video:

Want more ideas for travel with Mom?    Email us today!

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